Bringing up a responsibal and future-ready generation

Silver Bell Tree School embarked on its journey 11 years ago, through its Kharadi branch. With a passion for providing holistic growth opportunities to children, this school has come a long way.

What started as education, evolved into much more than just that.Today, as a school, we are known for the relationships we build with our students and their parents; relationships that grow stronger with each passing day. We create strong foundations for our children, be it through academics or through a value system that makes them responsible individuals. With plenty of co-curricular activities and cultural exposure that we offer to our children, we ensure their all-round development.

With just 30 children per class, every teacher knows every student individually and understands his or her perspective about things, which in turn helps us to nurtureour children better. Our vision is to see that every child who comes to our school blooms to the fullest. And for that, we provide them an exposure to varied avenues of growth and self-learning, which eventually readies them for facing the challenges that the future has to offer.

Our unhindered focus on our students and their progress as individuals has made uscross the realms of a school and become a family to our children. At Silver Bell Tree School, we can assure you that we will equip your child with all the skills that are needed to bring up an independent, confident and responsible individual. We will be your child’s family outside the family.

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