“Our vision is to bring up generations that are not just soundly educated but responsible individuals who are ready to take on any challenge of life. We spend our time, effort and sweat on every single child who enters our premise to ensure to bring out the best of his potential.”


“Our focus will always be on all-inclusive upbringing that will include aspects of education as well as values, culture, social responsibilities that will give children the roots to stand on their feet on world stage.”

Why Choose Us

SBTS provides the curriculum that promote independence and exploration. It is a family school which involve all aspects of child’s development, safety ,value education and engagement needs are met in a home like environment. This over all engagement makes SBTS your child’s second home.


Deliver a high-quality teaching and learning experience for our students that supports their all-inclusive upbringing. Promote the love for learning and equip them with tools that are conducive to self-learning.

Ensure a safe, secure and motivating learning environment. Show them a broader perspective of life not only through academics but also through various extra-curricular activities.

Inculcate the concept of self-esteem in children and get them acquainted with their rights and responsibilities. Groom children to become responsible citizens.

Provide a balance between freedom and discipline, which equips them to handle their own decisions in the future.

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